Jena Trendglas Measuring Jug

A small microwave- and dishwasher safe glass measuring jug without a handle, making it easy to store, featuring units for milliliters and US fluid ounces.
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Product Details

A durable and lightweight borosilicate glass jug with no handle (for easy storage) and pouring spout, plus marks for quickly measuring millilitres and US fluid ounces. Borosilicate glass is known for its resistance to thermal shock, meaning it can carry ingredients like boiling water or go from the fridge to the oven without cracking (as long as the difference in temperature does not exceed 140°C).

Why we love it

‘Something I reach for every day, whether I’m making salad dressing, tracking the progress of my sourdough starter, following recipes, and so much more. Unlike plastic, it’s better for the environment and does not retain smells or colours.’

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