Jena Trendglas Pour Over Stainless Steel Filter

A permanent stainless steel filter for pour-over coffee that replaces single-use paper filters.
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Product Details

With a double-layered mesh structure and stainless steel body, this coffee filter from Jena Trendglas requires no expertise to use. Just fill it with ground coffee—an amount that corresponds to how much coffee you'd like—and pour almost-boiling water over it. The filter fits over any vessel with a diameter between 6.5 cm (2.56”) and 9.5 cm (3.74”)—this can be anything from a single mug or a coffee pot. Keeping it clean is easy too—just wash it with warm, running water; you can throw the grounds in the bin, down the drain, or re-use it for gardening.

Why we love it

'You'll never reach for your morning coffee and realise you've run out of paper filters again! And then there's the benefits of less paper waste and less mess.'

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