Kai Seki Magoroku Levelling Stone


A levelling, or flattening, stone to keep your whetstone in top condition for efficient sharpening.

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Product Details

A whetstone is considered by many chefs to be the best way to sharpen knives. A Japanese ceramic-bonded stone removes the least amount of metal from a knife and will not easily wear out. However, over time, as you use a whetstone, it is normal for uneven, concave areas to develop. This Kai Seki Magoroku Levelling Stone will restore the surface of the whetstone so it is perfectly flat and good as new.

After soaking both the whetstone and the levelling stone, you move the ridged side of the flattening stone backwards and forwards over the surface of the whetstone until the flat surface is restored. The grooves in levelling stone help collect the material removed from the whetstone as you work. Once completely flat, pass the levelling stone over the four edges of the whetstone, creating a bevelled edge to prevent cracks or injury.

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Why we love it

'I have a couple of whetstones of different grades...it's so important to keep them perfectly flat for the best sharpening results.'

Specifications & Care

  • Before use, soak both levelling stone and whetstone in water for about 10 to 20 minutes
  • After use, wash both the levelling stone and whetstone in water, wipe the moisture off and dry thoroughly before storing
Dimensions 17cm X W 9.4cm X H 3.5cm
About The Brand


Since its founding in 1908, Kai knives have held a cult status in Japan—and since their European debut in 1980, the rest of the world has caught on. Taking their inspiration from samurai blacksmithing but incorporating modern manufacturing processes, Kai has mastered the art of making extremely sharp, durable knives that feel effortless to use. All their knives are manufactured in Seki, the knife capital of Japan. As their products reached global popularity, Kai has expanded their range to include European shapes like the chef’s knife as well as ambidextrous handles, such as in the Kai Shun Premier and Kai Shun Nagare ranges.

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