Kai Shun Nagare Santoku Knife / 18cm

A durable, well-balanced Japanese santoku that takes care of most kitchen tasks. (The word translates to the ‘three virtues’ of food prep: chopping, dicing, and mincing.) Shorter and lighter than a standard chef’s knife, it allows for more agility.
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Product Details

Every knife in Kai Shun’s Nagare range undergoes a highly sophisticated process which involves bonding flexible VG2 steel with a hard VG10 steel, surrounded by 72 layers of Damascus steel that form a radial pattern. Besides looking beautiful, this construction provides excellent durability and prevents food from sticking to the sides of the blade as you prep food. Very little pressure is required to make neat and precise cuts, and the blades retain their sharp edges for long stretches of time. The waterproof handle adopts the ergonomic style of Western knives, with a forged tang that provides an optimum counterweight to the blade. This 18cm santoku knife can handle most food prep, and is especially good when preparing lots of ingredients at once for its relative lightness to a traditional chef’s knife, which has a longer and heftier blade. We offer a free annual sharpening service for 10 years after the purchase of a Kai Shun knife, exclusively for customers on our mailing list.

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Why we love it

‘Because I’ve used European-style knives professionally for decades, I was reluctant to part with that style of handle. Then I met the Nagare range, which means I don’t have to! I can finally enjoy the sharp, fine-angled blades that make Japanese knives so delightful.’
About The Brand


Since its founding in 1908, Kai knives have held a cult status in Japan—and since their European debut in 1980, the rest of the world has caught on. Taking their inspiration from samurai blacksmithing but incorporating modern manufacturing processes, Kai has mastered the art of making extremely sharp, durable knives that feel effortless to use. All their knives are manufactured in Seki, the knife capital of Japan. As their products reached global popularity, Kai has expanded their range to include European shapes like the chef’s knife as well as ambidextrous handles, such as in the Kai Shun Premier and Kai Shun Nagare ranges.

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