Lekue Pickling Kit


This handy pickling set features everything you need to create the ideal anaerobic environment for fermentation (AKA perfect pickles): two glass jars with lids and valves, adjustable pressing discs, an insert space for recording dates, and tongs for serving.

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Product Details

The Lekué Pickling Kit streamlines the process of fermentation so you can keep a regular rotation of pickles in your kitchen, adding a punch to any dish as well as a myriad of immunity-boosting health benefits. The kit features two 700ml odour-resistant glass jars with non-slip lids and silicone valves that allow the excess CO2 generated during fermentation to escape, ensuring the best results. The unique design lets you stack and store the jars during the fermentation process or when not in use (but trust us, they’ll always be in use). Adjustable pressing discs ensure pickles are submerged, and the tongs let you handle and serve the pickles easily. Rubber glass holders are included for easy lifting, and they include inserts for labels marking important dates.

Why we love it

‘This kit makes pickling both easier and more delicious. As a result, I always have pickles on hand to add to any dish, plus a way to salvage various ingredients before they go off.’

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