ROK GC Coffee Grinder


A non-electric coffee grinder that's quiet, precise, and easy to use.

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Product Details

A great cup of coffee begins with freshly ground beans. This Coffee Grinder from ROK is a wonderful companion to any coffee maker. Because you can switch between a variety of adjustments you are able to get the exact grind you want for all of the types of coffee you love. It is quiet and easy to use and produces fresh ground coffee in seconds. The metal grounds cup doubles as a tamp when making espresso.

Note: Static can be produced by the metal burrs acting on the coffee particles. It varies depending on a number of issues such as bean type or humidity. Normally the static naturally dissipates after a minute or two and a knock of the grinder body will shift it more quickly. If users experience excessive static with their beans we recommend using the Water Droplet Method. Simply flick a few drops of tap water into the beans prior to grinding.

Why we love it

'Finding standalone manual grinders is rare, and ROK has made one that's excellent – especially in terms of how quiet it is compared to automatic grinders.'

Specifications & Care

Care Hand clean only
Country of Origin China
Dimensions W 22,5cm X D 20cm X H 30cm
Material Cast aluminium, glass composite, hardened steel conical burrs; bamboo grounds cup
Weight 2.2kg
Warranty 10 years

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