Tojiro Classic Paring Knife / 9cm


A Japanese paring knife that takes care of essential tasks such as peeling, mincing, or dicing small ingredients.

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Product Details

Since 1953, Tojiro has produced high-quality cutlery in Tsubame-sanjo, a craft centre in Japan specialising in metallurgy. They were one of the first Japanese companies to prove stainless steel knives could be just as effective as carbon steel for culinary use, and their passion for melding traditional Japanese techniques with modern industrial technology has won them multiple international design awards. The Tojiro Classic range features stamped blades with a core of hard VG10 steel (58±1 on the Rockwell Scale), clad with softer stainless steel. This double-sided paring knife is thinner and more flexible than more traditional forged blades. It is an essential knife shape that takes care of a variety of tasks, such as mincing garlic, chopping herbs, removing the eyes of potatoes, deveining prawns, and so much more. The small blade and pointed tip allows for great precision. The riveted Western-style handle, made from ultra-durable resin composite, is ergonomic for a comfortable grip. The knife’s full-tang construction enhances blade-to-handle balance and sturdiness. It is built to withstand many years of regular use in home and restaurant kitchens.

As with all Japanese knives, they must be used with care – make sure to avoid tough impact with bones and frozen food. For more on Japanese knife care, read our guide here.

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Why we love it

'Tojiro Classic knives combine harder, thinner Japanese blades with classic Western-style handles to excellent effect. After lots of testing, we’re confident they are the best-quality Japanese blades you can find at the most affordable price point.’

Specifications & Care

Care Hand wash only with a soft sponge and dry before storing
Country of Origin Japan
Dimensions Blade length: 9cm (total length approx 20.5cm)
  • Blade material: Cobalt alloy steel (VG10); Rockwell hardness 58±1
  • Handle material: Laminated reinforced material
Weight 55g
About The Brand


Established in 1953, Tojiro pioneered the use of stainless steel culinary knives in Japan (which were considered sub-par to carbon steel at the time). In addition to sharpness, their designs incorporate comfort and durability – the result of the way they have combined ancient Japanese metalworking traditions with modern machinery.

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