Tramontina Enamelled Cast Iron Saute Casserole / Black


An easy-to-maintain enamelled cast iron saute pan with two handles and lid, suitable for all hobs (including induction and AGA). It is made to last a lifetime.

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Product Details

This heavy-duty cast iron saute casserole (saute pan with two small handles) is versatile, just as suitable for frying as it is for making stews and curries. It is oven safe up to 260°C and works on all hobs including induction and AGA. It belongs to the upgraded Trento range from Tramontina, which features an extra-durable base reinforced with glass particles so it can withstand higher levels of direct heat, as well as better weight distribution between the pan and the lid. Cast iron is known for getting extremely hot and retaining that heat, but requires extra care and maintenance in order to build a layer of 'seasoning'—but that extra effort is not necessary when a pan is enamelled, making this saute casserole user-friendly to boot. The enamel is black and slightly textured, which makes it easier to clean and more effective at browning food (as opposed to the more common white enamelled cast iron). The tapered base allows this pan to reduce liquid beautifully. A secure lid with a stainless steel knob retains moisture very well. Due to its heavy construction, it will last a lifetime of heavy use.

  • Oven Compatible.
    Oven Compatible
  • Gas Hob Compatible.
    Gas Hob Compatible
  • Induction Compatible.
    Induction Compatible
  • AGA Compatible.
    AGA Compatible
  • Electric Hob Compatible.
    Electric Hob Compatible
  • Ceramic Hob Compatible.
    Ceramic Hob Compatible

Why we love it

'A versatile cast iron saute casserole is a must in any kitchen—especially when you want to take food from the hob or oven to the table, where it will stay warm for a considerable amount of time thanks to cast iron's heat-retaining properties.'

Specifications & Care

Capacity 4.1L
  • Dishwasher safe, but hand wash advised
  • If the inside of your pan is looking lacklustre, apply a thin layer of vegetable oil and heat the pan over medium heat until the oil has been absorbed. This keeps the enamel coating in good shape.
  • Use only silicone, nylon or wooden utensils
  • Avoid thermal shock by not soaking a hot pan in cold water
Country of Origin China
Dimensions W 29.1cm X H 13.1cm X L 36.1cm (including handles)
Warranty Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
Weight 4.32kg
Material Enamelled cast iron

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