A Bread Expert's Review of the Ankarsrum Stand Mixer
We love Ankarsrum Assistent Original Food Mixer. From a cleverly designed mechanism designed to imitate hand-kneading to a robust (but relatively quiet) motor—plus a bowl that can hold up to 5kg of dough—it's a kitchen workhorse for bread and beyond. By beyond, we mean cakes, meringues, pancakes and, with attachments, pasta, sausages, cut vegetables, juice, smoothies, and so much more.  

But we wanted to see what a professional bread baker had to say, so we sent one to Jack Sturgess of Bake With JackChannel 4’s Sunday Brunch Bread Expert and professional chef for over 15 years, Jack now specialises exclusively on bread, emphasising on bread made entirely by hand—which makes his honest assessment of the Ankarsrum, in the video below, all the more interesting.



To learn more about the Ankarsrum Assistent Original Food Mixer, including more info on how to use all the different attachments that come with the machine, read our comprehensive guide here.