How to Make an Iced Spanish Latte

This recipe comes from Copywriter Nikkitha, who encountered this combination of iced latte + condensed milk in New York City, not Spain. Condensed milk gives it both sweetness and body, but it’s less about the ingredients than the technique. By putting half the condensed milk directly onto the ice and adding the hot espresso, the ice melts a little and fuses these oppositional ingredients together, before being topped with the rest for a rich summery drink somewhere between an iced latte and a coffee milkshake.

Makes 1 big glass


Lots of ice
1 strong, freshly prepared double shot of espresso
4 tsp condensed milk, divided
250ml milk (any kind), or enough to fill your glass


  1. Fill a tall water glass at least half full with ice
  2. Stream 2 tsp condensed milk directly onto the ice, then pour the shot of espresso. The ice will melt a little, but there should be enough ice that it will stay largely intact
  3. Fill the glass almost to the top with any milk of your choice (we like oat or whole). Add the remaining condensed milk into or along the sides of the glass, as pictured above. Enjoy!

BK Tips

  • Feel free to eyeball these ingredients—really, it's all about the layering technique

  • Since this drink is sweet, the stronger the espresso, the better. We like 15g–20g of finely ground beans per double shot