The Borough Kitchen Margarita

At our website launch party we served a margarita that certainly packed a punch — as we were told the next day by a few friends. Given we’ve had a number of requests for the concoction, we thought we’d share what we think are the critical elements in making a great margarita. We recommend you use a good quality tequila rather than what’s leftover in the drinks cabinet from your uni days. We found freshly squeezed lime juice made all the difference in balancing out the alcohol – think 4 parts tequila to 3 parts each of Cointreau and lime juice. We then threw in the trick from our Old Fashioned Lemonade recipe and rolled the limes in the rock salt before rimming the glass, which transfers some of the lime zest oils onto the salt.


  • 70ml of fresh lime juice (approx. 3 limes)
  • 100ml of good quality Tequila (we love Herradura Reposado)
  • 70ml of Cointreau
  • rock salt
  • Ice


  1. Roll limes in rock salt. Squeeze limes and add juice to cocktail shaker along with the Tequila and Cointreau
  2. Add ice, close shaker and shake vigorously
  3. Rim the glass by dipping in lime juice and then rock salt
  4. Strain margarita into an ice-filled rocks or old fashioned glass