Alan Silverwood Continental Flan

Natural non-stick continental flan
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Product Details

The Alan Silverwood Continental Flan Tin is perfect for avid bakers. The shallow shape makes it perfect for delicate pies and quiches, or traditional French style fruit tarts. This resilient tin is heavy duty and will not warp, rust or peel. All Alan Silverwood products have the added benefit of improving with use and the alloy core used to manufacture the tray gives quick and even heat distribution, something which we are sure bakers will appreciate. Although the tin is not dishwasher safe it is incredibly easy to clean. Available in 12cm, 23cm and 27cm.

Why we love it

  • Even and quick heat distribution
  • Natural non-stick properties Improves with use
  • Easy to clean
About The Brand


Founded by Alan Silverwood in 1960, Silverwood Bakeware makes award-winning professional bakeware in their Birmingham factory. They use the finest-quality raw materials and skilled craftsmen with decades of experience to carry out time-honoured techniques like metal spinning and hand-finishing. The result is their distinctive matt silver bakeware that is remarkably stick-resistant and heat-responsive, beloved by British bakers like Delia Smith, Julie Jones, and the not-so-famous but very enthusiastic bakers on the Borough Kitchen team.

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