Alligator Original Chopper 2 in 1 / Black


The Alligator chopper chops ingredients in seconds – precisely, neatly, and safely. This version features a single base with two interchangeable heads featuring medium (6x6mm) or large (12x12mm) blades.

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Product Details

The Alligator Original Chopper allows you dice, julienne, or cut chunks of ingredients in seconds. Simply place what you want to cut on the grid and push the top down (like an alligator's jaw), flip over, and voilà – the pieces are in the clear collection basket, ready to become dinner. This flat style of chopper was invented by Alligator, out of a desire to cut lots of onions without sweat or tears, but can be used for a myriad of ingredients, from carrots, cucumbers and potatoes to hard cheese and even boiled eggs. Since the blades don’t hit a hard surface (like a chopping board), they stay sharp for ages – it will take chopping approximately to 1000 kilograms of onions to dull them. The blades are concealed, making it safer to use when cooking with children. Ingredients are chopped on a detachable grid that prevents food from sticking to the base, making cleaning is a breeze. All parts are dishwasher-safe, but we recommend washing blades by hand to prolong sharpness. This 2-in-1 chopper is comprised of a single base with two interchangeable heads featuring medium (6x6mm) and large (12x12mm) blades. 

Why we love it

'It's a great way to give your hardworking knife a break and significantly speed up prep when entertaining – or when you want to (quickly) prepare salad and salad dressing, salsas, tapenades, pasty or samosa fillings, and so much more.'


Specifications & Care

Care Easily cleaned by running under warm running water (recommended); some parts are dishwasher friendly (manual included)
Warranty 2 years
About The Brand


Alligator of Sweden was founded in 2001 with a simple goal: Design a product that will chop an onion quickly, saving time, tears, and possible injuries. They now make a few different choppers suitable for slicing, dicing, and mincing a large variety of alliums, fruits, vegetables and other ingredients. Their choppers are sold in more than 30 countries, and are quickly becoming a household item cooks rely on for efficient food prep.

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