Aubagne Terracotta Salad Bowl 28cm / Blue Pebble


Handmade in Provence, this hard-wearing terracotta salad bowl has a striking, narrow shape. 

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Product Details

This large, 28cm-wide terracotta bowl from Atelier Romain Bernex's Aubagne range is handmade in the south of France by craftsmen who blend modern style with traditional know-how. With a natural, unglazed exterior and glazed interior, this bright piece is wonderful for both indoor and outdoor entertaining. It is dishwasher, freezer, oven and microwave-safe. (Please note that when using in the oven, it should be placed in a cool oven and brought to a higher temperature gradually.) This salad bowl's shape has the benefit of adding a bit of insurance to over-dressed salads, as the dressing falls to the bottom and the leaves have more room to 'drain'. 

Why we love it

'I hadn’t heard of Bernex until recently, but it’s become an instant classic at our Borough shop. Terracotta is a gorgeous and functional material that I don’t think gets enough attention.'

Specifications & Care

Care Dishwasher, microwave, freezer & oven safe
Country of Origin France
Dimensions Diameter 28cm X H 16.5cm
Material Earthenware
Weight 1.8kg

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