Ballarini Silicone Pastry Brush / Black **

A pastry brush with soft, conical silicone bristles for marinades, egg washes, and more.
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Product Details

Ballarini, a family-run Italian business since 1889, is known the world over for how they’ve adapted cookware to suit the needs of contemporary home cooks. This pastry brush is heat-proof, so you can use it to distribute oil evenly around a hot pan and oiling the grates of a barbecue, in addition to its traditional uses like egg washing pastry or icing work. It is dishwasher-safe, has a hook for hanging on a rail, and unlike natural bristles, does not run the risk of shedding any hairs. The shape and colour were designed by renowned Milan-based studio Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez.

Why we love it

‘I also use it when I need to re-season my cast iron pan, as I can brush the hot oil along the sides.’

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