Blenheim Forge 4 Knife Set

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At Borough Kitchen, we have been on the search for the perfect high-quality handmade knife producer for us. Producing only 30 knives a month from the Peckham workshop in South London, Blenheim Forge specialises in beautifully made high-quality kitchen knives.

Specialising in high-performance artisan kitchen knives, Blenheim Forge knives are made from the highest quality Japanese Blue Super Carbon Steel, renowned for its robustness and edge retention. The blade is then clad in stainless steel for ease of cleaning, leaving the carbon steel exposed only at its edge. This makes storing your carbon steel knife far more straightforward than in the past, as you only have to oil the edge of the blade.

This set includes four Blenheim Forge knives:.

  • A Slicing Knife (22cm), ideal for chopping vegetables and slicing meats
  • A versatile, robust Santoku Knife (18cm)
  • A Nakiri Knife (15cm)for precision and ease in cutting through vegetables
  • An exceedingly useful Petty Knife (11.5cm), ideal for detailed chopping and off-board work


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Specifications & Care


Hand wash only. 


Chopping on glass, marble or granite etc will damage the edge of your knife. Carbon steel knives are a marvel to sharpen and hold a silky edge that will glide through ingredients due to their purity and minimal alloying. 


They are reactive metals and will patina through use so frequent wiping with a light coat of oil and dry storage is advisable to keep them rust-free

Country of Origin United Kingdom

Santoku knife: 18cm 

Petty knife: 11.5cm 

Slicing knife: 22cm 

Nakiri knife: 15cm


Blade Material: Japanese Blue Super Steel, with stainless steel cladding 

Handle: Walnut; 

Ferrule: copper

About The Brand

Blenheim Forge

Blenheim Forge began as a hobby amongst friends who spent years creating and fine-tuning the process of making Japanese-style carbon steel knives, which have harder steel and sharper blades than Western-style knives. Their knives are now celebrated by chefs like Gordon Ramsey, Mark Hix and Argentinian barbecue legend Francis Mallman. Every knife is hand-made with the highest degree of detail and precision in their Peckham-based forgery, where they give back to the local community by sourcing wood from a charitable company that teaches furniture-making skills to disadvantaged youth.

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