Borough Kitchen Boston Shaker Set

A beginner’s cocktail set featuring a Boston shaker, Hawthorne strainer and long cocktail spoon for mixing and muddling.
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Product Details

This Boston Cocktail Shaker set is essential for any mixologist (or aspirational mixologist!). The shaker features a rust-resistant Japanese steel bottom and glass top for mixing large quantities of cocktails and seeing the colour of your cocktails as you mix. The set includes a Hawthorn strainer to hold back pips and pulp, and a long cocktail spoon with a twisted stem for mixing drinks, with a flat disc at the end for muddling herbs and fruit. It is dishwasher-safe and comes in a gift box for easy storage and gifting.

Why we love it

‘Most professional bartenders prefer a Boston shaker because they shake quickly and are easy to scale up quantities in.’
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Borough Kitchen

We’ve tested hundreds, if not thousands, of kitchen tools, and that’s made us hyper-attuned to details. It’s those details we consider in our own range of products, be it British-made wooden carving boards or high-absorbency tea towels. 

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