Borough Kitchen Bread Essentials Kit


A set of six essential tools for making bread and pizza at home.

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Product Details

This starter kit (no pun intended) is ideal for home cooks who want to make bread at home but aren't sure which tools are essential. It includes two round proofing baskets, also known as bannetons, which absorb the moisture released by the dough during proofing—key for both sourdough and yeasted bread. It also includes a rounded dough scraper from Paderno, which can be used for mixing dough in bowls as well as keeping chopping boards and counter tops neat. The sharp dough scoring blad creates a beautiful 'ear' on finished loaves. The non-stick loaf tin can be used for yeasted bread as well as pastries, quick breads and terrines, and the pizza stone is absolutely needed for pizza and bread to have crisp, browned exteriors. Most home ovens are not able to transfer the appropriate amount of heat without the help of a pizza stone. 

Included in our Borough Kitchen Bread Essentials Kit:

Why we love it

'If you've never baked bread before but are keen to make it a habit, start here.' 

Specifications & Care

  • 20cm proofing basket: 750g
  • 25cm proofing basket: 1kg
  • Non-Stick Loaf Pan: 900g
  • Pizza stone: Diameter 33cm
  • Proofing baskets: Diameter 20cm X H 8cm; diameter 25cm X H 8.5cm
  • Non-Stick Loaf Pan: L 23cm X W 13cm X H 6.4cm
  • Lame: L 4.1cm X W 2.2cm
  • Proofing baskets: 100% natural cane secured with stainless rust-free pins
  • Non-Stick Loaf Pan: Non-stick carbon steel
  • Lame: Stainless steel, ABS
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