Paderno Dough Scraper Plastic Red


This simple, rounded dough scraper mixes, lifts, and cuts dough with ease, but it is useful to have on hand anytime you cook. 

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Product Details

Although it may look like a little bit of red plastic, the Paderno Dough Scraper is an essential piece in the professional and home baker's kitchen. It is slightly flexible, making it efficient at cleaning out even the most stubborn batters in hard to reach edges of bowls, but also rigid enough to cut dough and scrape worktops without leaving scratch marks. Use it to keep knife blades and chopping boards neat while preparing any dish, using it to transfer ingredients to a pan—using a dough scraper for this task instead of a knife keeps blades sharper for longer. When flipped over to the straight side, it helps clear flour from the counter, as well as any other crumbs and bits. 

Why we love it

'Not just an essential tool for baking bread! Use this dough scraper to clear ingredients from countertops, chopping boards, and the sides of your knives. As a team, it is among our most frequently used kitchen tools.' 

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