Borough Kitchen French Jacquard Tea Towel / Grey

A large and absorbent cotton tea towel designed exclusively for us by Garnier Thiebaut.
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Product Details

Our Borough Kitchen tea towel is made of high-quality cotton that is very absorbent and durable. Manufactured by Garnier Thiebaut in the small French village of Kichompré, it features a beautiful jacquard weave (the company was among the first to commercially produce the iconic weave, back in 1833). They are extra large, measuring 75x50cm, and are available in several muted tones.

Why we love it

‘It’s never too far out of reach when I’m in my kitchen.’
About The Brand

Borough Kitchen

We’ve tested hundreds, if not thousands, of kitchen tools, and that’s made us hyper-attuned to details. It’s those details we consider in our own range of products, be it British-made wooden carving boards or high-absorbency tea towels. 

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