Borough Kitchen Reusable Ceramic Pie Weights


A must-have for frequent bakers, these reusable ceramic pie weights prevent uneven rising when blind-baking crust.

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Product Details

These reusable Ceramic Pie Weights are are ideal for the keen pie and pastry baker. To use them, just line your pastry base with baking paper, fill with the weights, and blind bake according to your recipe's instructions. The weights will go up to the edge of the pie crust (for small and standard pie dish sizes), making sure crust is uneven from base to edge. The ceramic also diffuses heat perfectly, which results in the perfect amount of browning. 

Why we love it

'Homemade pie crust makes all the difference, and these ceramic pie weights are an essential part of that process. Instead of using makeshift weights like dried beans or rice – which will crack, partially cook, or be potentially messy – these weights are designed for the express purpose of blind baking pie crust.'

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Borough Kitchen

We’ve tested hundreds, if not thousands, of kitchen tools, and that’s made us hyper-attuned to details. It’s those details we consider in our own range of products, be it British-made wooden carving boards or high-absorbency tea towels. 

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