Finex Cast Iron Lean Grill Pan / 38cm (15inch)


A two-burner cast iron grill with tall and wide grill ribs to ensure gorgeous cross-hatching. Suitable for all hobs, including induction, and BBQ.

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Product Details

This Finex Cast Iron Lean Grill Pan is ideal for steaks, chops, salmon and large vegetables. The thick-walled design heats evenly, holding heat extremely well, and the true BBQ-width grill ribs produces perfectly seared grill marks. The domed interior surface ensures fat and juice drain to the side of the pan, ensuring your food actually grills (not fries) and making it easy to repurpose the pan juices for gravy and other sauces. Use it to quickly sear ingredients after smoking or cooking sous-vide. Suitable for all hobs including induction, the oven and barbecue, this indestructible pan will be a trusted essential you can pass down for generations. 

Why we love it

'Many grill pans have ribs that are too short or too close to one another, causing food to fry rather than grill—not this one! The size is also convenient for grilling different ingredients at once.' 

Specifications & Care

Care Wash with hot water and use a stainless steel scrubber to remove food material; dry thoroughly and apply a light coat of vegetable oil after to preserve seasoning and protect when storing
Country of Origin Made in Portland, OR, USA
Dimensions L 38cm x W 23 x H 3cm
About The Brand


Finex comprises a group of craftspeople, cooks and designers who joined forces to both honour the heritage of American cast iron pans and modernise it. Their signature cast iron pan features a coiled stainless steel handle that doesn't get hot when cooking on a hob and won’t burn a hole through any oven glove, as well as an octagonal shape that allows for easy pouring and slicing (such as if you’re making cornbread or a pie). They’ve expanded their range to include Dutch ovens and grill pans with similar user-friendly features.

It takes twelve people and a similar amount of time to make every Finex pan, without any shortcuts that might compromise quality. Each pan is cut, shaped and refined by hand in Portland, Oregon, USA, a time-consuming process that’s worth the end result: an extra-smooth pan that helps resist sticking and will last forever.

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