Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker / 22cm


Safe, quiet, and easy to use, this German-made stainless steel pressure cooker cuts energy use in half and cooking time up to 70%.

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Product Details

Fissler, established in 1845, is a trusted German company known around the world for high-quality cookware. Their Vitaquick Pressure Cooker, made from 18/10 stainless steel that’s suitable for all hobs including induction, compresses steam to cook food 70% faster than a standard pot—stews, potatoes, curries, pulses, and a myriad of other foods are ready in 1/3 of their standard cooking times. What makes Fissler’s Vitaquick model special is how easy it is to use. The handle twists off easily with the press of a button; when securely locked, an indicator shows green. When the lid is securely shut and pressure has built, that same button acts as a steam releaser for when you want to quick-release pressure. The Vitaquick is designed to vent steam away from you—one of its many safety features, which also include primary and secondary pressure relief valves and a safety gasket. It has two settings: low pressure, which is indicated by one ring on the valve, and high pressure (two rings on the valve). The handles and pressurised components are easily removable, so you can clean each part thoroughly.

Why we love it

'Fissler pressure cookers are as simple and intuitive as electric versions. They are also 25% faster and brown ingredients more thoroughly, due to higher pressure and closer contact with the heat source. They are more durable, since replacing parts is easy, and cupboard friendly, as the pot can be stacked with others.'

Specifications & Care

Capacity 3.5L
  • Wash the pot, lid and silicone gasket thoroughly before using the pressure cooker for the first time to remove any traces of polishing dust and minor impurities
  • Remove the silicone gasket from the lid and wash it by hand
  • Rinse the control valve unit under running water or remove and clean, if necessary
  • Remove the lid handle and rinse under running water
  • The pot, lid (without the silicone gasket, control valve unit, and lid handle), and insets can be placed in the dishwasher
  • Clean, using clear, hot water and dishwashing liquid and a dishwashing sponge or a soft brush
  • Do not use pointed, rough or sharp objects; if the inside or bottom is very dirty, you can use the rough side of the sponge
  • Do not let food residues dry onto the cooker, and do not store foods in the cooker for a long time, as this could cause stains in the stainless steel and changes in the surface
  • When cleaning the cooker parts in the dishwasher, use only conventional household dishwashing products in the amounts recommended by the manufacturer; do not use industrial detergents or highly concentrated cleaning products
  • Full operating instructions and suggested cooking times by ingredient are included
Country of Origin Germany
Dimensions 42.5cm X 25cm X 14.5cm
Material Premium Steel
Weight 2.69kg

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