Hario Canister Coffee Grinder


Great quality manual ceramic burr grinder

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Product Details

The coffee extraction process begins with the grind. Therefore it makes sense to own a quality grinder that brings the best flavour out of your favourite coffee beans. Unlike some of the electric blade grinders (which actually smash the beans instead of grinding them), this Canister Grinder allows you to grind without pre-heating the beans. Due to grinder's ceramic burr, the all-important coffee flavour stays intact. When it comes to classic manual coffee grinders this Canister Grinder is right up there with the best ceramic burr grinders. It allows you to select the grind from fine to coarse and vice versa.

As with all Hario products, this Canister Grinder is extremely durable and long lasting. It has a glass, wood and metal combination which is guaranteed to deliver great grinding results.

Why we love it

  • Top-of-the-line manual grinder
  • Air-tight hopper

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