HORL 2 Cruise Sharpener


An efficient, effective, and truly unique knife sharpener for Western-style blades.

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Product Details

The revolutionary HORL 2 sharpener takes the guesswork out of the most tricky aspect of using a whetstone: getting the sharpening angle right. It’s also exponentially quicker, as there is no soaking needed. There are two parts to the HORL 2: an angle support bar and a roller. The knife, blade side up, attaches to the angle support bar, which is set to 20°C. The knife stays in place thanks to strong magnets, while you move the roller back and forth on the other side of the blade a few times. The roller also has two sides: a diamond disc for sharpening and a stainless steel disc for honing. The HORL 2 Cruise model is an excellent option for Western-style blades, which is suitable for sharpening at a 20° angle and can withstand the abrasion of the stainless steel honing disc. The angle bar and roller are made of lacquered wood manufactured in-house by HORL in Germany’s Black Forest region. The discs on this roller are not interchangeable.

Why we love it

'The HORL 2 seems almost too good to be true—quick, neat, effective. But it is! While whetstones take time and practice to master, the HORL 2 does not. It’s like having the ease, speed and definition of a pull-through sharpener, but the versatility and relative gentleness of a whetstone.'

Specifications & Care

Care Protect the sharpener and the Magnetic Angle Support (MAS) from moisture. Clean the diamond grinding disc with an eraser to remove dust. or larger deposits, soak the surfaces in a hot water bath with dishwashing liquid and remove with a brush.
Country of Origin Germany
Dimensions Diameter 5.5cm X H 8.2cm
Material Beech, stainless steel, silicone
Technical Stats

The Magnetic Angle Support (MAS) contains strong neodymium magnets

  • Store out of the reach of children
  • Among other things, magnets can damage bank cards, pacemakers, mobile phones or other electronic devices
Warranty 2 years
Weight 760g
About The Brand


Timo and Otmar Horl, the father-and-son duo behind HORL 1993 had a singular vision: bring professional standards of knife sharpening to the home cook, simplified. What began at a home cellar is now a fully-staffed workshop in Germany’s Black Forest where every aspect of the manufacturing process is done locally, from steel melding to laser engraving.

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