Kai Shun Classic White 5 Knife, Whetstone and Block Set / Oak Block


This Kai Shun Classic knife set—which includes five knives, a sharpening whetstone, and a Stonehenge block—is exclusive to us.

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What's included

Chef's Knife

An all-purpose 20cm chef's knife.

Chef's Knife

This Japanese chef's knife has a long, curved blade suitable for the European style of chopping (rocking against the cutting board). Use it for a variety of tasks, from dicing chicken breast to chiffonading herbs.

Product Details

Kai Shun adapts centuries-old samurai blacksmithing to make exceptional Japanese knives for the modern cook. Every knife in their world-renowned Classic range has a steeply tapered blade, which makes it much sharper than a Western knife. A core of hard VG MAX steel, surrounded by 32 layers of Damascus steel, makes it extremely durable and rust-resistant, ensuring the knife retains its edge in between sharpenings—with a whetstone only. The layers, which create a unique pattern on each knife, help prevent food from sticking to the side of the blade. The tarnish-proof pakkawood handle has a chestnut (or ‘D’) shape that moulds perfectly to a right-handed grip. (Left-handed users, worry not; we also carry a 5-knife set in the ambidextrous and equally impressive Kai Shun Premier range.) The balance and overall lightness of these knives make this set a great investment. The set includes one of each of the following:

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Why we love it

‘A Kai Shun Classic knife glides effortlessly through ingredients with the most satisfying degree of precision, and the well-balanced handle is crafted to fit perfectly in your right hand.'

Specifications & Care

  • After each use, wash your knife under running water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth; do not use harsh detergents and do not allow knives to sit in water; oil the handle from time to time with a little neutral vegetable oil
  • 10 years free annual sharpening service for mailing list customers
Country of Origin Japan
  • Chef's knife -  Blade: 20cm; handle 12.5cm
  • Utility knife - Blade: 15cm; handle 10.5cm
  • Paring knife - Blade: 9cm; handle: 10.5cm
  • Slicing knife - Blade: 23cm; handle 12.5cm
  • Bread knife - Blade: 23cm; handle 12.5cm
  • Knife Block: W 21cm X D 21cm X H 28cm
  • Blades: VG Max steel (61 ± 1HRC) enveloped in 32 layers of Damascus steel
  • Handles: Pakkawood
  • Knife Block: Oak, stainless steel
Warranty 10 years against manufacturing defects
About The Brand


Since its founding in 1908, Kai knives have held a cult status in Japan—and since their European debut in 1980, the rest of the world has caught on. Taking their inspiration from samurai blacksmithing but incorporating modern manufacturing processes, Kai has mastered the art of making extremely sharp, durable knives that feel effortless to use. All their knives are manufactured in Seki, the knife capital of Japan. As their products reached global popularity, Kai has expanded their range to include European shapes like the chef’s knife as well as ambidextrous handles, such as in the Kai Shun Premier and Kai Shun Nagare ranges.

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