Kinto Travel Mug / 350ml / Green

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Product Details

The Kinto Travel Tumbler is a team favourite. Designed for a comfortable drinking experience, this insulated travel tumbler will keep your hot drinks warm for up to 6 hours and allows you to drink from anywhere around the rim. Wide enough for you to easily add ice cubes to cold drinks, and with a stainless steel interior which has been electropolished to prevent odours and stains. This means that you can better enjoy the aromas and flavours of your beverage.

The simple, minimalist styling and high attention to detail put this travel tumbler a cut above the rest, with numerous thoughtful design features include a powder coated exterior (to prevent scratches and keep it from slipping out of your hands when wet), a comfortable rim and a sleek aesthetic. Of all the pieces we sell, this is (probably) the item which the most members of the team own and love. If that isn't a ringing endorsement, we don't know what is!

Why we love it

  • Insulated to keep beverages hot or cold for up to 6 hours
  • Sleek minimalist aesthetic
  • Comfortable to drink from
  • Electropolished interior, preventing staining and odours
About The Brand


Though Kinto is most recognised for their impeccable coffee-making tools, the Japanese company offers a wide range for the table and home. Their products are designed to integrate harmoniously with the surrounding space while adding a unique touch. Most importantly, they are made for everyday use; human movements such as holding, pouring, and drinking are carefully considered in the design details.​ ​  

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