La Pavoni Esperto Abile


A lever espresso machine that gives you ultimate control and precision over the extraction process, allowing for consistently excellent coffee. It has extra-thoughtful design features that place it at the top of La Pavoni’s iconic range. 

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Product Details

La Pavoni created the first espresso machine for home use, and their expertise remains unparalleled. The Esperto Abile can be described as the Ferrari of espresso machines, but that doesn’t do justice to how user-friendly it is. Like other La Pavoni lever machines, it lets you pull truly divine shots of espresso. The word ‘pull’ is literal here: The lever mechanism provides the pressure needed to extract coffee, and how you pull—as well as the size, dose and freshness of the coffee grounds—are variables you can calibrate to make espresso to your taste. The process is simple: Turn the machine on, prepare coffee in the portafilter, attach, lift, and pull down. But it takes some practice to get right, which is why we put together this comprehensive guide. It’s 100% worth the effort, because this machine lasts forever.

The Esperto Abile, with a chrome finish and La Pavoni's signature eagle emblem, comes with gripped wooden handles that stay cool as the machine heats, a drip tray with a metal top, and a sight glass that lets you keep an eye on the amount of water in the tank, so you know when to refill it. A pressure gauge over the tank lets you know when it’s time to start brewing, and a steam wand lets you release ‘false’ pressure and foam milk. What sets it apart is its second gauge, which measures the pressure in the cylinder so you can see how much pressure your hand is exerting on the lever, providing more control over the extraction and ability to replicate the process for a more consistent taste. Includes premium features and accessories:

  • Spouted wood-handled portafilter
  • Single and double dose filters (interchangeable in the portafilter)
  • Fascino Filter Holder: A bottomless portafilter which allows you to examine the evenness of your tamping (and boosts crema)
  • Competizione Filters: The filter that goes into the bottomless portafilter above, in three sizes for single, double, and triple doses
  • Weighted stainless steel tamper
  • Coffee scoop
  • Additional steam wand for cappuccino attachment
  • A temperature strip to monitor heat level on the group head (anything above 90°C will make coffee bitter, so the strip gently lights up to warn you)

Why we love it

'La Pavoni lever machines are what baristas use at home. Some call it the “weekend espresso” machine. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a joy to use (on weekends and weekdays), because it gives you total control over the extraction process, so you can taste all those complex flavours with great clarity. It’s a vehicle for both creativity and relaxation, which turns out perfect espresso or espresso-based drinks, entirely on your own terms.'

Specifications & Care

Capacity 1.6L (16 brewed espressos)
Country of Origin Italy
Dimensions W 20cm X D 29cm X H 36.6cm
Material Steel, brass, beechwood
Technical Stats
  • Steam delivery 15 min
  • Boiler pressure 0.7-0.8 bar
  • Average heating time 5 min
  • Heating element 950W
  • There may be a faint mark left on the water display of any La Pavoni machine. This is because every machine's pressure is tested for safety and effectiveness before being sent; it is not due to prior use. 
Warranty 2 years
Weight 6.2kg
About The Brand

La Pavoni

La Pavoni, a titan in the coffee world, manufactured the first espresso machine in 1905, and went on to create the first espresso machine for home use in 1961. Since the very beginning, they have operated out of the same factory in Milan, which survived both World Wars. Every machine is hand-assembled with generational knowledge and scientific precision, and the mechanisms have remained virtually unchanged for over 50 years. Every part is easily replaceable, making their extremely durable machines able to last forever.

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