LBarbier Crepe Spatula / 30cm


Made in France, this long olive wood crêpe spatula (30cm) is great for gently sliding under pancakes and flipping them over, with minimal risk of tearing. 

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Product Details

Though made for crêpes, this olive wood spatula is a fantastic tool for manoeuvring a great variety of food, especially on non-stick pans. The length and angled handle make it easy to get under larger pancakes, ensuring batter has separated from the pan, and flipping them over with confidence. Olive is a slow-growing tree that has a tight grain, making its wood super durable as well as beautiful, with a unique, high-contrast grain pattern and a natural olive oil scent. Handmade in the Drôme Provençale region of France by Laurent Barbier, a very small wood workshop (with just eight employees!) implementing know-how that's been passed down through generations of the same family since 1929. Hand wash only.

Why we love it

'If you've ever flipped a pancake or quesadilla over, only for the batter or filling to fall all over the pan, then you already know how handy a long and sturdy spatula like this one can be. I also use it for mixing doughs, stirring salads, and a variety of other tasks.'

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