Lodge Blacklock Double Burner Griddle /25x50cm/ 10"x20" (Online Only)


More lightweight than standard cast iron pans, this cast iron griddle fits over two hob plates for plenty of room while cooking. Suitable for all hobs including induction.

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Product Details

Lodge, America’s oldest cast iron manufacturer, is recognised around the world for their reliable, virtually indestructible cast iron skillets. Cast iron is prized for its ability to get extremely hot and retain that heat, resulting in gorgeously browned foods. It can go on all hobs including induction, in ovens, and on the barbecue. Over time, cast iron builds a top layer, or ‘patina’, that makes it stick-resistant; this requires a little extra care (instructions below). This griddle from Lodge’s Blacklock range, which is 30% lighter than standard cast iron, fits over two hobs. It has two curved handles for easy lifting, and is compatible with ovens and barbecues.

Care Instructions: Never use a dishwasher to clean this pan, and avoid washing-up liquid. To clean, wash the pan with warm water and dry completely before storing. To remove stuck-on bits, make a paste of water and salt or bicarbonate of soda and scrub clean; dry before storing.

Why we love it

'A double burner griddle is perfect for cooking a lot of different foods at once, like bacon, eggs and tomatoes for a full English; burgers along with buns; large batches of French toast; the list goes on.'

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