Lodge Chef Collection Reversible Griddle / 50x25cm / 19.5x10"

Beautiful griddle and grill in one
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Product Details

The renowned cast iron cookware from Lodge has been used for over two centuries. This Lodge Cast Iron Griddle is perfect for cooking healthy meals as the griddle allows fat to drain away. The cast iron gives an impeccable, even heat distribution so meals can be cooked to a high quality with precision. Lodge products also have the benefit of improving with age and both professional and home cooks can use the pan with assurance. This Reversible Griddle has one side with as a flat surface (like a skillet or frying pan) while the other has the ribbed surface (such as a grill pan or fat-free fryer). It works on any hob (except induction) but is best suited for gas. Comes in two sizes (27x27cm and 51x27cm)

Why we love it

  • Double-sided: flat surface on one side and fat-free fryer on the other
  • Pre-seasoned raw cast iron perfect for grilling, broiling, spearing, baking or frying
  • Indestructible with proper maintenance and engineered to last for decades

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