Marcato Classic Blue Iron Squared Pan


Blue iron baking trays from Marcato's range of pastry, pizza and bread-making tools.

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Product Details

For as long as the company has been in business, Marcato has produced its products in Italy, using sustainable, health-conscious and environmentally aware manufacturing processes. This Blue Iron Squared Pan steadily absorbs and holds heat uniformly across the pan's surface, resulting in super-crunchy breads like focaccia and pizza. Blued iron results from an electrochemical process that hardens the surface and makes it more rust-resistant. Oiling the pan before baking and before storing will enhance its non-stick quality.

Why we love it

‘Marcato was the first to make pasta makers, and they remain at the forefront because they embrace technology to adapt their products for modern use—without ever sacrificing quality.’

Specifications & Care

  • Oil the tray and store it in a dry place
  • Avoid contact with acidic substances
  • Do not use in freezing or proofing chambers
  • Clean using a soft, slightly oiled cloth. Do not use abrasive sponges. Washing in water is not recommended; if so, dry well after washing and then proceed with oiling
Country of Origin Italy
Dimensions L 30cm X w 23cm X H 2.7cm
Material Blued iron
Warranty 2 years against manufacturing defects
Weight 612g
About The Brand


In 1930, Otello Marcato made the first-ever pasta rolling machine in a workshop behind his house and sold them to neighbours on his bicycle. He opened a factory in Campodarsego, Padua, eight years later, where Marcato still produces all of their products today. Their machines are recognized all over the world for unbeatable quality. Their 100+ employees pack up to 2,500 pasta machines a day and 250,000 rollers a month with an extremely low rate of defects, reusing most of the product waste in order to embrace a principle of ecological circularity.

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