Marcato Pastadrive Motor


An electric motor that easily attaches to the side of any Marcato Atlas 150 pasta maker to automate the rolling process.

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Product Details

This pasta motor replaces the hand crank on any Marcato Atlas 150 machine. It allows you to keep both hands free during use, allowing you to easily collect and manoeuvre the pasta as it elongates after rolling. It also lets you position the pasta machine so it faces you directly, as opposed to being fastened to the countertop or table sideways (in order to accommodate the hand-crank). A bayonet fitting fastens the motor onto the machine simply and securely. This motor is very robust and will remain stable during use. Using the motor on your Atlas 150 provides a constant speed, which will reduce the time it takes to prepare the pasta and any physical stress on your arms and elbows. 

Why we love it

'It makes the process of rolling fresh pasta much quicker and easier to handle, especially as the pasta gets longer and longer. It's also an excellent option for anybody with health issues that cause joint pain.' 

Specifications & Care

Care Even though a Marcato manual pasta machine with the Pastadrive motor attached may be used without being secured, Marcato recommends always fixing your machine to the table with the special clamp Always remove the motor before cleaning the machine (and use thehandle to turn the rollers) Remove the lead from the mains before cleaning the motor and before any maintenance operations Never wash the machine with water or in the dishwasher Use a soft cloth to clean the motor after use
Country of Origin Italy
Dimensions W 15.5cm x H 18cm x D 11.5cm
Material Metallised ABS with chrome finish
Weight 1.3kg
About The Brand


In 1930, Otello Marcato made the first-ever pasta rolling machine in a workshop behind his house and sold them to neighbours on his bicycle. He opened a factory in Campodarsego, Padua, eight years later, where Marcato still produces all of their products today. Their machines are recognized all over the world for unbeatable quality. Their 100+ employees pack up to 2,500 pasta machines a day and 250,000 rollers a month with an extremely low rate of defects, reusing most of the product waste in order to embrace a principle of ecological circularity.

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