Marcato Ravioli Tablet / Powder Blue


A cleverly designed ravioli tablet for making ten uniform pieces of ravioli, quickly and neatly.

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Product Details

Marcato designed this ravioli tablet to be stable, quick and neat (since you never want your pasta to dry out as you work with it). The tablet is made from stick-resistant anodised aluminium and features ten moulds that let you portion the perfect amount of filling into each piece. To use, keep the clear polycarbonate cutting surface down so it sits on the moulds and flour generously. Place a sheet of pasta above it, press so it is recessed into the moulds, and add your filling. Then place the second sheet of pasta over it, press down gently, and flour again. Use the aluminium rolling pin to apply pressure against the surface of the tablet to create 10 pieces. Remove excess pasta overhang and lift the clear cutting surface away from the tablet, then turn over onto a clean surface. And you're ready to cook!

Why we love it

'So quick that I can shape ravioli as the pasta water comes to a boil—and the uniform shapes ensure all the pieces cook evenly.'

Specifications & Care

  • Tablet can be cleaned using a cloth and brush to remove flour and dough
  • Never wash under running water or in the dishwasher
  • The clear cutting surface may be hand washed with soap and water
Country of Origin Italy
Dimensions Height: 23mm Width: 338mm
Material Anodised aluminium and polycarbonate
Weight 1.8kg
About The Brand


In 1930, Otello Marcato made the first-ever pasta rolling machine in a workshop behind his house and sold them to neighbours on his bicycle. He opened a factory in Campodarsego, Padua, eight years later, where Marcato still produces all of their products today. Their machines are recognized all over the world for unbeatable quality. Their 100+ employees pack up to 2,500 pasta machines a day and 250,000 rollers a month with an extremely low rate of defects, reusing most of the product waste in order to embrace a principle of ecological circularity.

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