MasterClass Professional Cook's Blowtorch


Professional-grade blowtorch for caramelising sugar for creme brulee, browning meringues, charring peppers or crisping joints of meat.

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Product Details

This MasterClass Professional Cook's Blowtorch will create a finishing touch to a variety of dishes. It features an easy-grip metal body, instant trigger ignition, safety lock, removable safety stand and a large refillable cylinder (supplied empty). The flame also adjusts, and the torch will work at all angles for easy use.

Why we love it

'This blowtorch is easy to use, and the canister has a good capacity.'

    Specifications & Care

    • For use with butane gas (available from all good hardware shops)
    • Conforms to BS EN ISO 22702:2003 safety standards
    Dimensions 9cm X 16.5cm X 21cm
    Warranty 1 year

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