Mepal Modula Storage Box Anniversary / Set of 9 / White *


A comprehensive set of nine modular containers of varying heights, ideal for storing dry goods.

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Product Details

Made in Holland, this set of transparent storage containers from Mepal allows you to see the contents of your larder clearly. The nine rectangular boxes stack up with one another neatly. The white rings provides perfect, air-tight fitting that slow grains and other ingredients from going stale. The lids, which have rounded edges, are easy to open. Ideal for storing dry goods like flour, chips, sugar, cereals, pasta, nuts, and more. These containers are dishwasher-safe, and not suitable for the freezer or microwave. As this is an anniversary edition set, it includes two special containers designed for the fridge. The cold cuts box has three sections for storing narrow ingredients, making it perfect for storing herbs as well as antipasto. The cheese box is great for storing, well, cheese, as well as other odds and ends. The set includes:

  • One 2000ml / 68oz container
  • Two 1500ml / 17oz containers
  • Two 1000ml / 34oz containers
  • Two 425ml / 14oz containers
  • One cold cuts container
  • One cheese container

Why we love it

'It is a delight to open my cupboard and see everything stacked and organised neatly.'

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