Mepal Omnia Fridge Storage Box / 23x15cm / Nordic White


An air-tight container designed to fit into the fridge, ideal for storing cheese, antipasto, and various odds and ends.

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Product Details

This transparent container from Mepal's Omnia range, made from BPA-free plastic, helps keep your fridge more organised. Its flat, slightly recessed lid allows it to stack neatly with other boxes in the Omnia range, as well as provides a good surface for other items. It is 100% airtight, ensuring food stays fresher for longer. This flatter model (1.2L / 23 x 15 x 7cm) is excellent when space is limited. Use it to consolidate various odds and ends in your fridge—such as partly opened or cut meats, cheeses, vegetables, and the like—or to store herbs, fruits, and a myriad of other ingredients. It is suitable for the dishwasher, but not the freezer or microwave.

Why we love it

'It feels like a mini-drawer. I use it alongside other Omnia containers to keep my fridge tidy, making sure no stray ingredients get "lost".'

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