Microplane Truffle Slicer & Grater


A multi-use grater with photo-etched blades for exceptional performance.

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Product Details

Microplane is a household name worldwide for its exceptional blades, which grate ingredients without bruising and tearing them. With a turn of the knob, you can precisely adjust this Truffle Slicer & Grater to cut at your desired thickness. A non-slip base provides stability against the surface of a cutting board when using the grater end, and a notch in the handle allows you to hang it on a rack. The Master Series features the same blades as their popular originals but with Kentucky walnut handles, a homage to their origins as manufacturers of woodworking tools.

Not just for truffles, this tool is also ideal for mushrooms, radishes, hard cheese and chocolate.

Why we love it

'The ultra-sharp slicer blade produces uniform, paper-thin slices, while the grater cuts without ripping or tearing.'

Specifications & Care

  • Hand wash only; do not soak in water to preserve wood handle
  • Condition handle as needed with mineral oil
  • Rinsing your Grater in warm water immediately after each use is recommended
  • Remove trapped particles from the non-sharp side whenever possible
  • Store with blade covered when not in use
Country of Origin
  • Blade: USA
  • Handle: China
Dimensions L 29.6cm X W 7.3cm X D 1.6cm
Material Stainless Steel, Walnut Wood
Warranty Lifetime
Weight 190g
About The Brand


The first Microplane was conceived in 1990 by brothers Richard and Jeff Grace in Arkansas, USA, and was originally intended for use in woodworking. However, as the legend goes, a home cook once decided on a whim to try it out on an orange, and was astonished by the perfectly-shaped shards of zest it could produce. This ultimately led to the development of the Microplane brand as we know it today—a household name and the industry standard for graters, shavers, and zesters.

What sets Microplane products apart from others is their exceptional, long-lasting sharpness: the blades are made by means of a patented photochemical etching process that shapes them far more precisely than traditional mechanical means. The razor-sharp blades finely slice ingredients, rather than crushing or tearing them like the duller metal-stamped blades on standard graters; this makes grating or zesting much less laborious, and improves the taste, texture, and appearance of whatever you’re grating.

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