Miyabi 5000 MCD67 5 Knife and Kai Block Set / Walnut Block


An exclusive set of five exceptionally sharp Japanese knives with ice-hardened blades featuring 132 layers of Damascus steel, plus a comfortable black ash handle. It includes a magnetic knife block from Kai that holds up to four knives.

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Product Details

It takes two and a half months to make a single Miyabi 5000 MCD 67 knife—that’s how fine the craftsmanship is in this premium range. The CRYODUR® blade is frozen and hardened at -196°C for corrosion-resistance, then tempered for flexibility. The core micro-carbide steel blade scores 67 on the Rockwell scale, meaning it has exceptional sharpness and edge retention, and it is surrounded by 132 layers of Damascus steel hammered together to form a unique wave-like pattern. Every blade undergoes a three-step process called Honbazuke in which it is ground vertically, honed horizontally, and polished with a leather strop, resulting in surgical sharpness. A traditional D-shaped handle made of black ash wood fits extra comfortably in a right-handed grip. This set includes one of each of the following:

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Why we love it

'The Ferrari of Japanese knives—magnificently sharp and finely made. Drop a tomato or even a potato on the blade and it will slice in half neatly, with a crisp and deeply satisfying sound.'

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