Netherton Foundry Frying Pan / 30cm (Ex-Display)

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This Netherton Foundry spun iron frying pan has all the advantages of a cast iron skillet, from heat retention to durability, but is much lighter to hold. The thinner iron makes it more heat responsive too.

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Please note: This ex-display piece may have some imperfections including cosmetic scratches, scuffs or marks, however these will not impact the performance or warranty of the product. Your purchase may or may not include original packaging, or packaging may be damaged.

Due to their unique spun iron construction, Netherton Foundry pans are ideal for high-heat searing, everyday cooking, and everything in between, all without straining your wrists. Black iron is highly magnetic, so it’s perfect for induction hobs. The handle cover is hand-wrought from oak, which stays cool as you cook; it is also removable (with a screwdriver) so that the pan can safely go in the oven or on the barbecue if needed. The pan is pre-seasoned with flax oil so you do not have to season it before use, and this natural easy-release finish only gets stronger with time as you continue to cook and maintain the pan’s natural seasoning. Read our guide to pan seasoning here. The 30cm skillet features a second 'helper handle' for ease of use.

Care Instructions: Never use a dishwasher to clean this pan, and avoid washing-up liquid. To clean, wash the pan with warm water and dry completely before storing. To remove stuck-on bits, make a paste of water and salt or bicarbonate of soda and scrub clean; dry before storing.

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‘So versatile. This pan can sear steak over extreme heat, but also gently fry vegetables and eggs. My 25cm frying pan is the go-to for sauteing mushrooms—the caramelisation is superb!’

About The Brand

Netherton Foundry

Netherton Foundry is a small-scale, family-run workshop based in Shropshire that makes cookware using time-honoured methods and materials. Their pots, pans, and select bakeware are made by turning whole plates of raw black iron on a lathe (which is from the 1930s) and shaping them with rods—an industrial process that gives their products an unparalleled lightness while preserving all the advantages of cast iron cookware, such as heat retention and durability. All their cookware is thoroughly pre-seasoned with flax oil for a natural easy-release finish.

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