Netherton Foundry Loaf Tin


Made in Britain, this ultra-durable spun iron loaf tin is ideal for baking loaves of bread. 

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Product Details

Shropshire-based Netherton Foundry specialises in spun iron cookware – a more lightweight and heat-responsive alternative to cast iron. This material's best feature is its ability to retain high levels of heat, which is key if you want to achieve beautifully crisp edges on your baked goods. The second best feature? It lasts a lifetime. In fact, it only gets better with time, thanks to an all-natural flax seed oil coating that becomes more stick-resistant the more you use it. (Read our guide to pan seasoning here, but note that you do not need to season this loaf tin if you only plan to use it in the oven – just make sure to use salt or baking soda, as opposed to washing-up liquid, to clean it, in order to maintain the coating.) While this loaf tin is exceptional at making yeasted bread, it can also be used for cakes or a number of baked goods.

Why we love it

'For bread, I'm always aiming for the shortest bake at the highest temperature possible (so there's less chance of the bread underbaking or not rising high enough). That's why this loaf tin is one of my go-to pieces of baking equipment: It gets hot enough to give loaves a nice crunch, and distributes heat evenly for all-over browning.'

Specifications & Care

Care Hand wash
Country of Origin UK
Dimensions L 25.5cm X W 12.5cm X H 5.5cm
Material Iron
Warranty 2 years domestic use, in accordance with manufacturer's instructions
Weight 450g
About The Brand

Netherton Foundry

Netherton Foundry is a small-scale, family-run workshop based in Shropshire that makes cookware using time-honoured methods and materials. Their pots, pans, and select bakeware are made by turning whole plates of raw black iron on a lathe (which is from the 1930s) and shaping them with rods—an industrial process that gives their products an unparalleled lightness while preserving all the advantages of cast iron cookware, such as heat retention and durability. All their cookware is thoroughly pre-seasoned with flax oil for a natural easy-release finish.

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