Niwaki Combination Whetstone 1000 / 3000


Great value whetstone

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Product Details

A great value Japanese whetstone, this Niwaki Combination Whetstone has been recommended to us by our friends at Blenheim Forge. Use the red ochre coarse grit side (#1000) for removing small nicks and sharpening blunt knives. Use the yellowish-brown fine grit side (#3000) to polish and finish and for normal edge maintenance. The stone only needs to soak for five minutes before use; splash with water during use to keep wet.

We recommend this whetstone for all professional quality straight edge knives. Knives sharpened with a whetstone will last longer than with a pull-through sharpener. A whetstone can also sharpen a large variety of knives and tools - for example, pocket knives, scissors, blades of a food processor, etc.

Learn how easy it is to sharpen your knives on a whetstone at one of our regular monthly tutorials.

Why we love it

  • Only needs 5 minutes to soak before using
  • Great value Japanese whetstone

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