Niwaki Combination Whetstone 1000 / 3000


A versatile whetstone for sharpening and honing knives, recommended by our friends at Blenheim Forge. 

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Product Details

A great value Japanese ceramic composite whetstone, this Niwaki Combination Whetstone has been recommended to us by our friends at Blenheim Forge. Use the red ochre coarse grit side (1000) for removing small nicks and sharpening blunt knives. Use the yellowish-brown fine grit side (3000) to polish and finish and for normal edge maintenance. For extremely blunt or chipped knives, a lower starting grit may be more appropriate, but this number is great for semi-regular sharpening and honing. The stone only needs to soak for five minutes before use instead of the normal 10-15. It measures 18.5 x 6.5 x 3 cm and weighs 761g. 


Why we love it


'If you want your knives to last the longest it can, while performing in top condition, use a whetstone. This one is ideal for chefs and avid cooks who regularly maintain the edge of their blades.'

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