Peugeot Clef du Vin Wine Ageing Tool


A unique tool that ages wine one year after one second of contact, rapidly softening tannins and acids so a wine's natural flavours and aromas are more pronounced. 

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Product Details

Peugeot’s Clef du Vin is a wine ageing tool that helps you decide, in an instant, the ageing potential of a bottle of wine. This patented tool, the result of a decade of research, is completely unique—one second of contact with the wine will age it one year, due to contact with an alloy that instantly reduces the oxygen content. This softens the tannins and acids to reveal a bottle of wine's most authentic flavours. To use it, pour a glass of wine, taste it, and dip the Clef du Vin in the glass for a second, then taste the wine again. If, after several contacts, the wine still keeps its qualities, or improves, you will be certain the wine has very good ageing potential and is worth keeping. If a wine is too young, this tool also allows you to enjoy it without having to wait for it to age. But the Clef du Vin is not just for experts and collectors. Novices can use it to refine their understanding by pouring two glasses of the same wine, side by side, and using the clef in one of the glasses to taste the precise differences.

Why we love it

'A sommelier’s best friend, which is also helpful to any enthusiastic wine collector, or anybody who wants to refine their understanding of wine.' 

Specifications & Care

Care Wipe clean with damp cloth
Country of Origin France
Material Steel, Stainless Steel
Warranty 10 years
About The Brand


In 1810, brothers Jean Pierre and Jean Frédéric Peugeot converted their ancestral family mill into a steel mill. Rolled steel has been at the heart of Peugeot’s business ever since, and though the company is most often associated with cars, their iconic pepper mills came first.

Peugeot has officially been awarded the prestigious EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label in recognition of its excellence. This state-issued accolade rewards French firms for the excellence of their traditional and industrial expertise. Everything from design to technical development is handled in their French factory. With a commitment to sustainability, the wood used for their mills is sourced from PEFC-certified European forests. To protect the environment, post manufacturing wood waste, chips and sawdust, is collected and recycled. Solvent-free lacquers have been chosen for their colour finishes.

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