Richard Brendon + Jancis Robinson Young Wine Decanter / 750ml


Designed with world-renowned wine expert Jancis Robinson, this young wine decanter fits up to a magnum of wine.

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Product Details

This decanter is from the Jancis Robinson Collection at Richard Brendon is designed to best accentuate the flavour and aromas of young wines by providing the maximum possible surface area for aeration. The long neck allows you to swirl the wine, allowing oxygen to expedite a young wine’s evolution and mellow the flavours. Can hold up to a magnum of wine (1.5L). Presented in a beautiful gift box.

Why we love it

'Ideal for the oxidisation of young vintages, because of its large, flat surface area.' 

Specifications & Care

Capacity 750ml
Care Wash by hand and dry using a lint-free polishing cloth, after rinsing out any wine residue; this item is made with lead-free glass which makes it resistant to clouding. If you do notice clouding on your glass then you will need to wash with water-softening, glass-specific detergents or even vinegar.
Country of Origin Slovenia
Dimensions Diameter 17cm X H 23cm
Material Cristalline glass
Weight 560g
About The Brand

Richard Brendon

Founded by a Notting Hill native enamoured of the antique shops lining Portobello Road, Richard Brendon specialises in unique and striking tableware that’s of high quality, made to last. Their products are designed to maximise the pleasure of food and drink; for example, their wine glasses, made in collaboration with wine guru Jancis Robinson, are shaped in a way that brings out the best notes in any wine, be it red, white or port. They work with master craftsmen around the world who have a historical connection to their materials and techniques.

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