Rolling Red Wine Decanter


A lead-free crystal glass decanter that gently rolls for enhanced aeration.

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Product Details

This rolling decanter is made by Rona, makers of fine glassware since 1892. Handmade and mouth-blown in Slovakia, the crystal glass body is smooth and completely lead-free. The wide belly of the decanter creates a large surface area for the wine to breathe, softening tannins to bring out its authentic flavour. As the decanter rolls in a gentle arc, it swirls the wine inside, folding in oxygen for excellent exposure. It also makes a striking table piece.

Why we love it

'Using a decanter has two benefits: It allows the wine to have more contact with oxygen after being locked away in a bottle (to 'breathe'), which is especially beneficial for tannic red wines. It also separates wine from the sediment collected at the bottom of a bottle.'

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