Silverwood Heavy Duty Baking Sheet


Made in England, this heavy-duty baking sheet is made from durable, easy-release anodised aluminium.

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    Product Details

    The Silverwood Bakeware Baking Sheet is perfect for avid bakers. Resilient and heavy-duty, it will not warp, rust or peel. The alloy core spreads heat fast and evenly, producing perfect baking in a reduced time. The anodised aluminium surface, which is completely food-safe, will bake goods easily (but should still be lightly greased). This versatile pan can be used for bread, rolls, cookies, and pizza. Not dishwasher safe, but very easy to clean.

    Why we love it

    'We've tested and baked with so many baking pans – both non-stick and other anodised aluminium pans – but nothing compares to Silverwood. The quick, even heating ensures beautiful texture.'

    Specifications & Care

    • Cooking temperatures can be reduced by 10-15°C; check progress after 2/3 of normal cooking time
    • Lightly greasing the anodised body will help to guarantee that your bakes will slide out with ease and the natural non-stick properties will improve with use
    • Olive oil is not recommended for "greasing" as it is a poor release agent; if used to grease tins a sticky film may build up which is difficult to remove
    • After use, wash in warm, soapy water, rinse and dry
    • Suitable for oven and freezer use
    Country of Origin UK
    Dimensions L 38cm (15in) X W 33cm (13in)
    Material Professional grade anodised aluminium, recyclable
    Warranty 25 years
    Weight 510g
    About The Brand


    Founded by Alan Silverwood in 1960, Silverwood Bakeware makes award-winning professional bakeware in their Birmingham factory. They use the finest-quality raw materials and skilled craftsmen with decades of experience to carry out time-honoured techniques like metal spinning and hand-finishing. The result is distinctive bakeware that is remarkably stick-resistant and heat-responsive, beloved by British bakers like Delia Smith, Julie Jones, and the not-so-famous but very enthusiastic bakers on the Borough Kitchen team.

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