Silverwood Bakeware Roulade Baking Sheet


Made in England, this rimmed baking sheet or roulade tin is made from durable, easy-release anodised aluminium.

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    Product Details

    The Silverwood Bakeware Roulade Baking Sheet is perfect for avid bakers. Resilient and heavy-duty, it will not warp, rust or peel. The alloy core spreads heat fast and evenly, producing perfect baking in a reduced time. The anodised aluminium surface, which is completely food-safe, will release cakes easily (but should still be greased, as with all baking tins). This versatile pan can be used for a variety of baked goods, from swiss rolls to baklava, as well as as a roasting pan for meat, vegetables and sheet pan dinners. Not dishwasher safe, but very easy to clean.

    Why we love it

    'We've tested and baked with so many baking pans – both non-stick and other anodised aluminium pans – but nothing compares to Silverwood. The quick, even heating ensures beautiful texture.'

    Specifications & Care

    • Cooking temperatures can be reduced by 10-15°C; check progress after 2/3 of normal cooking time
    • Lightly greasing the anodised body will help to guarantee that your bakes will slide out with ease and the natural non-stick properties will improve with use
    • Olive oil is not recommended for "greasing" as it is a poor release agent; if used to grease tins a sticky film may build up which is difficult to remove
    • After use, wash in warm, soapy water, rinse and dry
    • Suitable for oven and freezer use
    Country of Origin UK
    Dimensions L 30cm (12in) X W 20cm (8in) X H 2.5cm (1in)
    Material Professional grade anodised aluminium, recyclable
    Warranty 25 years
    About The Brand


    Founded by Alan Silverwood in 1960, Silverwood Bakeware makes award-winning professional bakeware in their Birmingham factory. They use the finest-quality raw materials and skilled craftsmen with decades of experience to carry out time-honoured techniques like metal spinning and hand-finishing. The result is distinctive bakeware that is remarkably stick-resistant and heat-responsive, beloved by British bakers like Delia Smith, Julie Jones, and the not-so-famous but very enthusiastic bakers on the Borough Kitchen team.

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