Smoked Cork Placemats 25cm / Set of 4


A set of four raised placemats made of heat-resistant and eco-friendly smoked cork, which has a cool and dark tone that showcases the material’s natural finish.

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Product Details

Cork is a gorgeous material for several reasons. It is heatproof, shock absorbent, and lightweight, with natural insulating properties and water impermeability. Smoked cork has a darker hue that showcases the natural, speckled quality of this material, which is harvested only once every nine years without felling trees. All it requires to stay clean is a wipe-down with damp cloth. Liga sources cork from Portuguese oak trees, designing and finishing the pieces in Cornwall. These 25cm-wide placemats, which have a nice height, are both stylish and practical, protecting tables from hot plates and stains.

Why we love it

'Round placemats leave more room on the table for glasses and platters, and I love how the dark, smoky cork contrasts with white plates.'

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