Spring Classic Raclette Grill with Granite Plate / 8 Person


A traditional granite top raclette grill with eight non-stick trays for melting and serving cheese; ideal for searing meat and fish.

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Product Details

This electric raclette grill from Swiss company Spring is ideal for gathering around during winter—but since it is more versatile than its title suggests, you could use it any time of the year. The polished granite grill on the top is powered by a high-performance heating coil. Its temperature can be regulated with an intuitive dial that can be set between low and high. Whether you want to gently cook fish or sear red meat, the granite surface will lock in moisture while browning ingredients to perfection. It has a grooved edge for catching excess liquid. The middle section holds eight non-stick handled trays (or ‘coupelles’); each comes with a fit-for-purpose scraper for transferring melted cheese onto bread, potatoes, or any other ingredient you’d like. There are handles on both ends of the machine for convenient lifting.

Why we love it

'A cross between an indoor grill and fondue, this traditional raclette puts flavour first. Use it for a classic apres-ski meal of cheese, potatoes, grilled meat, salad and pickles, or get creative by serving nachos, tacos, Korean barbecue, and any other feast where guests participate in cooking.'

Specifications & Care

  • Once cooled, the granite top can be removed to clean separately with soap and water
  • Ensure it is fully dry before placing back on the machine
Country of Origin China
Dimensions L 48cm X W 27cm X H 14.5cm
Material Stainless steel body; removable granite grill plate
  • 220-240 V | 50/60 Hz | 1200 W
  • Supplied with UK plug
Warranty 2 years
Weight 8.43kg

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