Staub Oval Cocotte / Grey


The Staub enamelled cast iron oval cocotte is nothing short of iconic. Suitable for all hobs including induction, this versatile piece retains heat and moisture beautifully. It is perfect to take from oven to table. 

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Product Details

Made in France, Staub cookware is loved by professional chefs and home cooks alike. This cocotte is made of thick cast iron – a hard-wearing material capable of retaining high levels of heat, which allows for excellent browning and steam retention. Cast iron is also very versatile, suitable for all hobs including induction, the oven, and the barbecue. Unlike traditional cast iron pans, which require regular seasoning and maintenance, Staub cast iron cookware is enamelled, meaning no additional care is needed – you can use regular washing-up liquid to clean it. The enamel has been sprayed on in three layers rather than bonded, which makes it more durable than other enamelled cast iron pans, and it has a slightly textured finish. Translation: better, more consistent browning and easier clean-up. The patented lid has bumps that collect condensation and make it 'rain' back into your food, creating a self-basting effect that retains moisture exceptionally well. Designed to be passed down generations, this cocotte can withstand decades or more of heavy use. The oval shape is ideal for roasting meat or poultry, as well as for baking loaves of bread. 

  • Oven Compatible.
    Oven Compatible
  • Gas Hob Compatible.
    Gas Hob Compatible
  • Induction Compatible.
    Induction Compatible
  • AGA Compatible.
    AGA Compatible
  • Electric Hob Compatible.
    Electric Hob Compatible
  • Ceramic Hob Compatible.
    Ceramic Hob Compatible

Why we love it

'When you use a Staub cocotte, you know at once there's nothing quite like it, from the way it keeps food warm (long after you move it to the table) to how easily it cleans up. After years of use it is still in perfect condition. The oval cocotte is my go-to for dinner parties and homemade bread.'

Specifications & Care

Capacity 600ml
Care Hand wash
Country of Origin France
Material Cast iron
Warranty Lifetime warranty for domestic use against defects in manufacture and material
Weight 1.32kg
Dimensions L 19.2cm X W 14.2cm X H 9.2cm
About The Brand


Staub hails from Alsace, France, a region world famous for its gastronomy. They specialise in cast iron and ceramic cookware for both home cooks and professionals, and are most well known for their iconic enamelled cast iron pots, or cocottes. What makes their cocottes different is the use of slightly textured black enamel, which lets cooks enjoy all the benefits of cast iron cookware, such as the high heat tolerance and retention, without the effort of seasoning or avoiding washing up liquid, which would normally cause cast iron to corrode. Their patented lids are ‘self-basting’, meaning they are designed to circulate liquids within the pot, preserving flavour and moisture. (In tests conducted after a cooking time of 55 minutes, 10% more moisture was found in a Staub cocotte than in competitive products.) Their extensive range of enamelled cast iron frying pans, griddles, fondue pots, tagines and more are similarly user-friendly.

Staub products combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. During production, each piece of cookware is inspected visually or technically 100 times to ensure that their strict quality standards are met.

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